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Menus & Specials for weddings


The Willows is one of the truly unique wedding venues in Melbourne. We offer a complete range of menus and specials for weddings.  We provide guests with a choice of three entrees, three mains and three desserts as part of our event catering. 


Fabulous Food for a Fabulous Wedding

The Willows offers an unrivalled full table service among function venues in Melbourne. We deliver an elegant, unforgettable and beautiful experience for your guests. Our waiting staff are expert professionals with excellent credentials in food and wine service. Our signature wedding menus offer a range of scalable options to suit your wedding plans and culinary preferences.

Our cocktail party selection is a mix of sophisticated dishes. This creative and comprehensive range is also customizable to meet your needs. Our wedding menu options include floating entrees, buffet style desserts, additional courses and delicious side dishes.

We can provide special menus for big weddings and small weddings according to your needs. Our specials are tailored and balance affordability with a range of food choices. We serve lavish portions prepared to the unique standards of excellent dining of The Willows. 



The Willows Wedding Cultural Choices

 The Willows has extensive experience hosting culturally-specific ceremonies and receptions. Occasionally, we are asked to tailor our menu to capture the cultural essence of this romantic and cultural celebration with traditional foods and observances of cultural heritage.

While we do allow for external catering, we are equally willing to prepare a bespoke menu in-house that specifically meets unique food and beverage preferences. Ask us about our custom cultural menu event catering selections.

We appreciate the significance of cultural traditions and customs such as traditional tea ceremonies, honouring ancestors and menu sensitivities. Our flexibility and desire to understand and respect the rich cultural tapestry that brings couples together makes The Willows the perfect venue to celebrate your wedding with tradition, a touch of old world and all the modern amenities.



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