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Your Wedding Reception Checklist

Making a checklist for the event that is your wedding day will be essential to the success of your special day.

Checklists can be created well in advance, and added to along the way. If you find your mind wandering in those final days, a checklist can get you back on track.


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Yours should look a little like this:

1.    Do you have plans in place for a range of weather conditions? Nothing spoils a carefully planned event like a change in the weather that cannot be seamlessly handled.

2.    Will you be having an MC? If so, are they someone you can trust and you feel is on the same page? Choosing a host you feel aligned with will bind your event and create a feeling of harmony and ease.

3.    Making sure guests are comfortable upon arrival - Guests like to have easy access to facilities, food and drink, mingling, quiet time, or outdoor areas. Making sure guests know how to access these will put them at ease and create a tangible feeling of flow and festivity.

4.    Food and drinks- Stand up or sit down, formal or casual. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure your guests understand where and when the dining will occur and have their dietary needs catered for.

Once this is covered, feel free to design a menu that is filled with things you and your beloved can really enjoy. If you are having a floating menu, you might like to have a private plate prepared so you and your partner can eat together.

5.    The music – Will you have live music? A DJ?  What are the logistics involved in setting these up? The music you choose will provide the soundtrack to your perfect day. This is something you want to have just right.

6.    Photography and videography- Make sure you have this organised and designated to a person or people you can trust entirely. A professional is a good option. If privacy issues concern you, you can let guests know ahead of time that personally taken footage and photos not be shared on social media without you viewing first.

7.    Speeches - Timing is essential when it comes to speeches. Make sure that your guests are relaxed, refreshed and seated before the speeches begin. When inviting family and friends to speak, make sure you discuss your wishes for the tone and length of the speeches. This will ensure this part of the day remains stress-free and enjoyable.

8. Bonbonniere- this is a fun part of the wedding planning and your chance to express gratitude for the support of family and friends. There are so many wonderful ideas for creating memorable wedding favours, which reflect the tone of the day, so have fun with this. Bonbonniere can be presented in a variety of ways and we can help you with these arrangements.

9. The Wedding Dance - Making sure you are both comfortable with the dance routine will ensure you are able to connect during this special moment.

10. The Send-off - When the time comes to make your grand exit, having a plan in place will ensure you can get away seamlessly and in style. Enlisting an assistant to make the announcement and gather guests is a great idea.

For more information contact The Willows, or visit our Weddings page.



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