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Top Wedding Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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It’s the eve of your wedding and everything seems to be going to plan. But for some reason, you can't settle. Tossing and sighing on the couch, you gulp at your chamomile tea and consider getting started on the smelling salts. And then it hits you all at once. All the little things you just didn’t see because you set sail long ago on a sea of vintage lace bound for the planet bonbonniere.

“It’s all wrong”, you cry, leaping up from the couch. “Wrong menu, wrong music, wrong seating, wrong everything”!


Wedding Woes Are Natural

Wedding disasters are the uninvited guests on your special day, as much part of the scenery as bouquets and bridesmaids. Minor mishaps affect most weddings, whether it’s due to human error or Mother Nature.

This is expected and sometimes it’s even exciting. The real let downs are often the ones that occur in the details: unhappy interpersonal dynamics, poor quality catering and easily avoidable technical glitches.

The good news is that these are things you can take care of for the big day.

Just make sure you do it early in the piece while you still remember the names of your cousins.


Guests Will Mingle

Guests are not inanimate objects to be placed around the room. They may arrive in the right clothing at the right time, but they are complex human individuals brimming with their own expectations, inhibitions, and unusual dance moves. And like the fruit in your sangria, they will mingle. Keep this in mind when you make your invitation lists.

The overall dynamic in a room is the sum of all its parts. It’s all about balance. If you are going big, there will be more room for the unknown. Acquaintances, work colleagues or slightly estranged relatives can all find their way together. But if you are planning an intimate affair, be mindful of how the ingredients will combine.


Seating Family and Friends

Weddings would be a whole lot more simple if they didn’t involve the people we loved. Family and weddings usually go together, but it’s rare that everyone will completely agree. While the day is about you, knowing that your loved ones are happy will really help you to relax. Rather than seating them where you would like them, seat them where they would like to sit. When everyone has a companion to smile with when they clink glasses, you feel it.


Wild Cards

Factor in some emotional and potentially unusual moments and let them slide. It’s perfectly natural for people to behave like ten-year-olds on school camp when they’re feeling a little bit anxious. And as happy as the occasion is, everyone will still be feeling a little bit anxious.



Successful catering puts everyone at ease, giving even the most socially inhibited individuals a safe place to mingle. Failing this, they now have the option of scoffing canapés instead of speaking. Catering is something you can arrange many months in advance and it should never enter your mind on the day until you’re enjoying a meal. A good vendor will guide you in your food choices, making sure your dining options suit the style of your wedding and that food is served just when you want it to be.

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