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Sweets for your sweet – Your ultimate guide to dessert trends for weddings

Long gone are the days when all that wedding guests had to look forward to at the end of their meal, was a piece of often stale fruit cake. The dessert options available today seem to be limitless with new formats and ideas appearing on Pintrest boards everyday of the week! So how do you decide which will be the best option for your big day? Simple...we have provided an easy to navigate, break up of all that is offer for your sweet treats.


Roving desserts:

roving-dessertsRoving desserts can work brilliantly, should you want to maximise the time that both you and your guests have to tear up the dance floor! This format minimises the time guests are required to be seated for a 3 course menu and encourages the mingling to begin at an earlier point of the night. Due to the nature of this service, staff are able to rove around the guests rather than the guests needing to interrupt what they are doing to return to their seats. Often this service will provide a number of bite size options for the guests to select from, offering a greater variety than a typical plated dessert.


Candy buffet / Dessert Table:

candy-buffetCandy buffets or Dessert tables offer you another area to exercise your decorative flair. They are able to be specifically themed to fit in beautifully with the rest of your wedding set up. From a playful, colour filled table that is filled with milk bar mixed lolly favourites  to a sophisticated & elegant dessert offering fit for Marie Antoinette, this format really does allow you to personalise this aspect of the night. Conveniently these tables can also act as a brilliant bonbonniere option, with guests able to pick and chose what they take home from the abundant supply!


We suggest utilising the sheer brilliance of Belinda from Three Piece suit.


‘Cheese’ Cake:

cheese-cakeLiterally...a cake made out of cheese! Quickly gaining momentum as one of the most popular dessert options, the tower of cheese provides an epic visual statement. Adding to its popularity is the fact that most guests prefer something savoury after a ‘few’ celebratory beverages. This format also allows for a number of different cheese varieties resulting in a dessert option that will appeal to most guest’s palette. Add some quince paste, muscatels, fresh fruit and Lavosh and you have yourself a winning combination.


Good luck trying to pick from the delectable cheese cake options as Milk The Cow.


Cup Cake & Macaroon Towers:

macaroon-towersWe have all seen a cup cake or Macaroon tower in our time. And why is that, you ask? Because they possess all the elements of a great dessert option. Often these towers combine a number of flavours, ensuring variety for your quests. They are visually very appealing, providing a modern take of the typical ‘tiered’ cake structure & guests are usually lining up to make sure they get their own to take home. There is definitely a reason that this format has sustained its popularity for so long!



Cup Cakes? Look no further than Special Treats By Carolyn.


Macaroons? Look no further than La Belle Miette.


Plated dessert:

plated-dessertThe grand old Dame of dessert options...The original and what some still consider the only format that there is. Sometimes it’s hard to beat the classic elegance that comes along with a seated dessert. Guests are able to take in the grandeur of their plate without distraction whilst enjoying the formal service of a dessert wine or tea and coffee simultaneously.  


Things to Consider:

  • What atmosphere do you want to create at your wedding?
  • Is the importance on the family dining feel or on elongating your time to mingle and dance?
  • What do you think your guests will respond to? If you have family and friends that are used to a more traditional style of service, will they be confused by a more modern take?
  • Are you wanting an option that work as both dessert and a bonbonniere?
  • It is your wedding... WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE? The single most important question to will ask yourselves during the planning process! 


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