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Succeeding at Your Corporate Presentation

Young man giving a presentation


A successful corporate presentation is the sum of its parts. Engaging, informative content, reliable technology and an amenable atmosphere will all support you on the day. A corporate presentation will probably be a semi-formal occasion, beginning with a period of intellectual focus with room for some informal interaction afterwards. You will be attending the event in a professional capacity and you will want to make sure you have covered everything.

Some clever decision making from the outset will serve you well. Here are some tips for success.


Balance Technology with Personal Presence

You have a message to impart, but in this instance, you will be giving it in person. So invite your personality along. While technological aids are useful for delivering clear visuals, key points and graphics, your own presence is just as powerful. We spend so much of our time decoding information delivered by computers. Sometimes it is nice to listen to a real person speak.

Body language, voice quality, humour and responsiveness are defining factors in personal delivery. These things keep your audience engaged and make it fun, giving you much greater chance of getting your message across and making it stick.


Preparation and Rehearsal

A well-planned presentation will have ironed out technical errors and created clear bridges between topics to be covered. As a rule, try to stick to one or two main points and branch out from here. Keep the message clear and consistent with light reaffirmations of your central points throughout the speech.

If you are using slides or other aides, make sure you have tested them all beforehand. Arriving at the venue well in advance is a good idea to get set up. Some venues will offer technical assistance on the day so consider this when you first decide.


Social Time

A well-delivered presentation will be anchored by an enjoyable gathering after the event. Some venues will have on-site caterers and can provide custom designed menus perfect for your event and budget.  An atmospheric setting can really lift the event, making stunning venues an advantage for your corporate message.

Delivering your presentation amidst classical architecture, sophisticated catering services, full amenities, access, and in a convenient location can make the day much more enjoyable for everyone.


Choosing the Right Venue

What do you need for the perfect corporate venue? Think about adequate seating, clear lighting, a lectern, a boardroom table, tea and coffee, a convenient location, easy access, car parking and more!

This may seem like an extensive list, but these things can all be covered in one place when you choose The Willows for your corporate event. The Willows is renowned for excellent services and expertise and we have been assisting corporate groups with their important events for years.

With so much to prepare for already, it makes a big difference to your day when you have a team of professionals on your side. We can organise catering, technical assistance, seating, lighting directions, and even overnight accommodation. It is all part of the service we offer!  And to top it off, it can all take place in a sensational setting that’s private, professional, and elegant.

For more information about hosting a corporate event at The Willows, contact us today.

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