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Planning a Theme for Your Special Day

Masquerade Mask, Streamers and Confetti


Themed events are a lot of fun. The silk gowns, the stuffed quail, the crystal wine decanter – every little detail works together to transport an ordinary gathering to an entirely different world. From elegant vintage to glitzy retro or festive folk, themed events are limited only by your imagination. Having a theme can also make organisation easier, bringing consistency and parameters to your design logistics.

Take advantage of the pioneers of planning who have gone before you and check out these theme ideas.



Historical themes are magic, combining all the best elements of your chosen era without incurring the inconveniences that went along with life at those times. Enjoy fresh seasonal produce in the style of the day combined with the finest wines and all the comfort of electricity when you really need it.

There are favoured periods in history that make celebrating fun. The 18th century might see guests reciting the Romantic poets against the elegant backdrop of The Willows. A medieval theme is the perfect way to enjoy a sumptuous winter feast. Travel to the 1920s and you’ve may well have landed right in the lap of the resplendent soirees of The Great Gatsby. Champagne anyone?

A historically themed event could be perfect for a wedding or reception with a difference, especially if there's an era that's close to your hearts as a couple.



Retro themes bring comic relief to most events and will have even the most reserved partygoer revealing a different side. There is a lot to celebrate when it comes to the 60s, 70s and 80s. From liberating fashions to iconic hairstyles and at times bizarre culinary trends, this is an era that knows how to have fun.

A retro theme could be ideal for an office event or as the perfect way to spice up a cocktail party.


Fancy Dress

No matter how seriously we take ourselves as a culture, we still retain our sense of play.  Let’s face it, there is nothing quite like dressing up as someone else. Someone fun, someone you aren’t usually like. Embrace a new personality for the night with this endlessly amusing theme. Spotting Cleopatra in conversation with Casper the Ghost never fails to create an unusual atmosphere and bring out the best in people.


Current Events

If your event is a fundraiser, artistic pursuit, sporting team, or community project, custom building a theme for the night is easy at The Willows. Talk to us about how we can incorporate the important details of your night into our menu, décor, and service.

This option is perfect for corporate events, product launches and other events where you want to make your brand an integrated and entertaining part of the night.

If you have a special event coming up, why not make it themed? Hiring a venue like The Willows allows you to fully immerse yourself in your chosen world, with the help of expert event planners, stunning and versatile function rooms, customised menus, and our very best serving staff. You can even hire decorations and technical equipment so if it all gets too much on the night you can slip away onto the dance floor knowing your music and lighting is all taken care of.

For more information on planning a themed event for your special day, contact The Willows today.

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