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A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Preparation

If you’re a groom preparing to get married, it’s possible that you haven’t seen your beloved for a while. In fact, the last time you saw her you were making wedding plans and then, well, she sort of disappeared into them.If your wife to be is the one you usually go to for advice, and she’s not available, what do you do?

Maintaining the Magic – the Women’s Guide for Wedding Day Preparation

A wedding is a celebration of romantic love, spontaneity, intuition and abundance. While micromanaging your event can ruin some of the magic, careful planning is the key to a happy wedding day. The more organised you are, the freer you will feel on the day. This is not an impulsive walk in the rain with your beloved. This is a rite of passage involving your kin, community, symbolic exchanges, and binding agreements. There is so much to do. So, how do you keep the magic alive?

5 Ways to Guarantee a Stress-Free Wedding Day

One of the biggest obstacles facing wedding couples is the sense of responsibility that comes with the day.  While it is almost impossible to shake the feeling that you want all of your guests to be happy, this is a day to celebrate your love. Make it your mantra to keep this day about you. Keep a clear head and make space for each other, no matter how hectic things may become.To help you on your journey, here are 5 tips for a stress-free wedding day.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Your choice of wedding venue is central to the vision you have for this life changing day. A striking setting, blessed with natural light, luxuriant surrounds, and classic architecture makes an ideal starting point for inspiration to unfold. The Willows draws on romantic, universally recognised traditions, presenting you with the perfect canvas for creating your personal masterpiece.  Vision, versatility and dedication to excellence makes The Willows Melbourne’s most sought after Wedding Venue. If you decide to have both ceremony and reception in one venue, The Willows can make this happen.The ideal wedding venue will arise organically out of your needs, tastes, and budget, which is why it is so important to clarify these things before your begin exploring venue options. Discuss, your dreams and desires for the day with your fiancé, as well as what you can realistically afford.

Select the Perfect Food and Drink for Your Event

Selecting the right food and drink for your event will enhance the outcome of your function immeasurably. The Willows makes tailoring a menu to suit your occasion enjoyable and manageable. With an extensive versatile menu that is designed to suit a range of budgets, you will be sure to achieve the right culinary balance for your event. When you come to make your selections, it can help to consider the following:

Your Wedding Reception Checklist

Making a checklist for the event that is your wedding day will be essential to the success of your special day. Checklists can be created well in advance, and added to along the way. If you find your mind wandering in those final days, a checklist can get you back on track.

7 Things to Consider When Booking a Corporate Venue

Corporate functions take many forms. This is why it is so important to choose a venue that is flexible and accommodating without compromising on style, professionalism and seamless service.For corporate events in Melbourne, The Willows meets all of your function needs with confidence. We have extensive experience in supporting the delivery of quality corporate events. Our professional team are here to ensure your event is both memorable and successful.From exclusive board meetings, to end of year galas, formal presentations or relationship building events, The Willows handles corporate functions with ease.                 When planning your corporate event, consider the following key factors. Once you have established these, we can help you choose the right setting.

The Willows Restaurant: The Perfect Setting for Your Event

The Willows is one of the best event catering venues Melbourne has to offer. From the moment you walk through the door, a team of professionals will work with you to create an unforgettable occasion. What could be more perfect? A restaurant setting such as The Willows allows you, the event organiser, to express a sense of style, sophistication and care for your guests. The ambience, exceptional service and seamless presentation will all reflect generously on you, allowing you to feel you have achieved what you set out to do.

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