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Hosting a Corporate Cocktail Event

A sophisticated soiree provides the perfect backdrop for corporate mingling. Elegant lighting, delicious canapés and stylish cocktails speak to current trends in corporate events and can be comfortably managed with the right team behind you.  There are some key ingredients in the mix when it comes to a successful cocktail party, so make sure you have these on your list.

Step by Step Guide to Planning a Conference

Running a conference is no small feat and there is a lot to consider from the outset. Establishing the fundamental goals of the conference early on will help you to determine the timeline and coordination. Start by asking some key questions. How long will the conference take? Who will attend? What is the nature of the meeting and what will be the ratio of business and pleasure? Not all conferences unfold in the same way. Assess these factors so you can come to your event planner with your needs narrowed down.

Planning a Theme for Your Special Day

Themed events are a lot of fun. The silk gowns, the stuffed quail, the crystal wine decanter – every little detail works together to transport an ordinary gathering to an entirely different world. From elegant vintage to glitzy retro or festive folk, themed events are limited only by your imagination. Having a theme can also make organisation easier, bringing consistency and parameters to your design logistics.Take advantage of the pioneers of planning who have gone before you and check out these theme ideas.

Most Popular Events at The Willows

Planning an event is exciting, bold, and just a little bit daunting. A personalised event is a special occasion, marking itself as separate to the everyday routine. Choosing a venue that supports your vision can make or break your special day.More and more people are personally involved in event planning and it can be wonderfully empowering, especially when combined with the talent and dedication of an expert team and a fantastic venue.

Succeeding at Your Corporate Presentation

A successful corporate presentation is the sum of its parts. Engaging, informative content, reliable technology and an amenable atmosphere will all support you on the day. A corporate presentation will probably be a semi-formal occasion, beginning with a period of intellectual focus with room for some informal interaction afterwards. You will be attending the event in a professional capacity and you will want to make sure you have covered everything. Some clever decision making from the outset will serve you well. Here are some tips for success.

Top Wedding Disasters and How to Avoid Them

It’s the eve of your wedding and everything seems to be going to plan. But for some reason, you can't settle. Tossing and sighing on the couch, you gulp at your chamomile tea and consider getting started on the smelling salts. And then it hits you all at once. All the little things you just didn’t see because you set sail long ago on a sea of vintage lace bound for the planet bonbonniere. “It’s all wrong”, you cry, leaping up from the couch. “Wrong menu, wrong music, wrong seating, wrong everything”!

Flower Power – Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

For many cultures, countries and individuals, flowers are integral to wedding rituals and celebrations. Natural, vibrant, and symbolic, flora adds beauty wherever it is found. And you don’t need to be a sentimentalist to enjoy flowers either. A good florist will incorporate design elements thoughtfully and creatively, inventing pieces that will perfectly suit your day. If traditional blooms are not your thing, go green. With stunning natives, bold greenery and quirky edibles, you can have your flora and eat it too.Here are some great ideas for bringing the power of flowers to the table.

Planning the Ultimate Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event can be quite a responsibility. As a planner, you will be required to draw heavily on your organisational skills with a touch of design finesse. Whatever the size or reason for your corporate event, a checklist is vital. Making a checklist before you set out will reduce stress and allow for a more confident vision of your event before it unfolds. Here’s our guide to the ultimate corporate event.

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