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Maintaining the Magic – the Women’s Guide for Wedding Day Preparation

A young bride


A wedding is a celebration of romantic love, spontaneity, intuition and abundance. While micromanaging your event can ruin some of the magic, careful planning is the key to a happy wedding day. The more organised you are, the freer you will feel on the day. This is not an impulsive walk in the rain with your beloved. This is a rite of passage involving your kin, community, symbolic exchanges, and binding agreements.

There is so much to do. So, how do you keep the magic alive?

Plan Passionately, Hold Lightly

The planning stage of the wedding is a time to let your ideas flow freely. Entertain the impossible, remember childhood dreams, and bounce ideas off trusted friends and family. This will help you harness the essence of your vision while still achieving it in the real world.



Whether you hire a planner or not, delegating tasks is an essential element.

Look to your close circle to find help. Who is the practical one? Who remains calm in a crisis? Who can talk their way out of anything? Your close circle of friends is your best ally. Appoint someone as your buffer. They will be your communications person. As the day draws nearer, they can filter any decision making or last minute stresses and keep you free of unnecessary concern.

Have a last-minute logistics person to keep an eye on the music, a back-up photographer, someone to help you dress, and even just someone to help you relax in busy moments.


Update Checklists

While checklists will change over the course of your wedding plans, always maintain one. This will ensure you don’t overlook key responsibilities, communications, and dates. 


Focus on You

Once the practicalities are in hand, it is time to focus on you. A good wedding planner or close friend can help with decisions around your wedding look and this can be a good thing. When making plans around your dress, shoes, hair, makeup and jewellery remember, it’s your day and your time to steal the limelight, so look your best and enjoy it.


Style Tips

Choose a dress that enhances your natural features. You want a gown that works with you –your skin tone, body type, and personal style. It can be as glamorous, elegant, or simple as you wish if it is still comfortable to move, eat and dance in. It is a celebration after all.

Jewellery, makeup, and hairstyles will match your dress. There are far fewer conventions when it comes to wedding jewellery so customising to your own individual style is the way forward here. Keep to basic aesthetic guidelines and you’ll be fine. Your gown’s neckline will determine the kind of necklace you wear, while drop earrings are wonderfully versatile and effortlessly feminine. Heirloom jewellery can be matched with new pieces, so think personal. If you have a special family piece you would like to wear, don’t be afraid to mix and match.


The Week Before

- Finalise makeup and hair rehearsals

- Arrange a last-minute dress fitting as weight can fluctuate before the big day
- Organise a massage or pedicure/manicure the day before to alleviate stress


- Remember to eat and take regular short walks to decrease anxiety


On the Day

- Give yourself plenty of time to get ready, slightly longer than your last estimate

- Sip on some herbal tea early in the day 

- If jewellery is fiddly have someone fix it for you

- Organise a friend to photograph the dressing if you would like to remember it

- Pin some positive affirmations or scenes in your dressing room to remind you to breathe

- Gentle uplifting music will soothe nerves as you dress

- Smile and whatever you do keep your sense of humour 

The Willows is proud to be revered hosts for Melbourne weddings all year around. With years of expertise, stunning backdrops and unwavering professionalism, we have all your wedding needs covered. Contact us today to start planning your big day.


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