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Hosting a Corporate Cocktail Event

Bartender serving a stylish cocktail


A sophisticated soiree provides the perfect backdrop for corporate mingling. Elegant lighting, delicious canapés and stylish cocktails speak to current trends in corporate events and can be comfortably managed with the right team behind you. 

There are some key ingredients in the mix when it comes to a successful cocktail party, so make sure you have these on your list.


The Venue

Your setting is one of the most important factors in an event like this. You simply can’t deliver the kind of event you hope for in a venue that isn’t suitable.

Cocktail events promise a certain element of glamour and you will want the event surrounds to support your cause. Elegant architecture, stylish function rooms and lush grounds all create a feeling of abundance and make your guests feel special. With these things already present as a backdrop, you can be sure that your event will impress.


The Catering

A good venue is more than just its rooms. Fine cuisine is a common companion to cocktail events, and the right combinations can set things off perfectly. The Willows has a menu specifically designed for cocktail parties, so you can be sure your guests will have the very best accompaniments. From light canapés to something more substantial and sweet treats, our cocktail menu has something for everyone.


The Service

A cocktail event requires expert service. Your bartender and wait staff will be responsible for serving a range of beverages to potentially large numbers of guests and will need to be experienced. The Willows can assure you the best quality staff and finest ingredients for all your favourite cocktails, leaving you free to sip, relax and mingle.


The Floor Plan

Seating and tables should be arranged to maximise the potential for mingling while still serving the function of providing guests with somewhere to sit. Discuss your floor plan with your venue team to come to an agreement on what will work best on the night. Experienced wait staff can navigate around guests and canapés can be eaten while standing. If more substantial dining is part of the plan, guests can move to an adjoining dining room later.


Event Planners

Working together with an event planner will help you finalise important details. An onsite planner can also make suggestions you may not have thought of. Decorations, music, and lighting can all be arranged to your needs at The Willows, as well as any audiovisual requirements you may have.

Organising a corporate cocktail event can seem daunting. A sophisticated blend of mingling and business is important to get it right. Teaming up with a service provider who has been there before will ensure your event is as crisp and refreshing as a well-balanced Mojito.

The Willows is here to help. We can do as much or as little as you would like and we are here to provide support along the way. To talk to The Willows about your next corporate event, contact us today.





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