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Flower Power – Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

Floral Border with a Bride


For many cultures, countries and individuals, flowers are integral to wedding rituals and celebrations. Natural, vibrant, and symbolic, flora adds beauty wherever it is found. And you don’t need to be a sentimentalist to enjoy flowers either. A good florist will incorporate design elements thoughtfully and creatively, inventing pieces that will perfectly suit your day. If traditional blooms are not your thing, go green. With stunning natives, bold greenery and quirky edibles, you can have your flora and eat it too.

Here are some great ideas for bringing the power of flowers to the table.


Find a Fabulous Florist

Whether you are going solely with a vendor or doing some of it yourself, you will probably need to consult with a florist. Many florists these days have a background in design and offer artistic flair grounded in sound horticultural knowledge. You may have some blooms in mind already. A good florist will guide you on how to keep your favourites while still decorating the room affordably, creating the perfect frame for your wedding.



Many flowers are only available when they are in season so keep this in mind when you start planning. The cost of flowers can also push the budget in unexpected ways. If costs are bothering you, here are some tips.

- Source your flowers locally and in season

- Dedicated, passionate floral designers can be found affordably, so seek out some start-ups on social media and give a new business a go.

- Re-use flora from the ceremony for the reception. These beautiful arrangements deserve to be seen more than once. Rather than leaving them behind, have them placed as centrepieces or draped decoratively at the reception.

- Add foliage, natives, or edibles to fill out arrangements. Stunning floral designs can be created using greenery. Thornless fruiting vines, succulents, berries, reeds, grasses, and herbs can all be used to wonderful effect. Filling out arrangements with foliage keeps the cost of expensive blooms to a minimum and allows them to take centre stage.


Stunning Natives

Natives are big in 2017, representing a sophisticated contemporary addition to traditional arrangements. They look sensational, too! Blue gum, Proteas and Flannel Flower combine beautifully with softer classical blooms for a truly unique bouquet.


Romantic Flowers

Deep plum, peach tea, dusky pink and stunning ivory... romantic bouquets are timeless, captivating, and passionate.  Roses bring beauty to any combination and they also make a practical choice as they’re available all year around. Traditional heirloom varieties are popular this year, with lightly scented carnations, English Sweet Peas and Zinnia Zinderellas creating unforgettable scenes wherever they go.


Things to Avoid

- Try to stay away from highly fragrant or allergenic blooms in central places such as the table, as they may irritate guests.

- Don’t leave the flowers to the last minute. They will need to be installed the day before or the morning of the wedding, so make sure this is arranged well in advance. Where elaborate arrangements such as wreaths, borders and hanging pieces are in use, be mindful of weather conditions and how flowers may be affected.

- Some flowers carry symbolic significance and you may enjoy learning about this. Just as roses speak to romance, white lilies symbolise death! Keep this in mind, especially for older guests who may understand the meaning behind certain bouquets.


Don’t Assume on Behalf of the Groom

While he may not have expressed any interest before, you might be surprised to find your beloved has an opinion about floral arrangements. Invite him into the discussion and allow him some choice. This way, you can both enjoy the blessings of natural beauty on your day.

To talk to our team about hosting a wedding at The Willows. As one of the leading wedding venues in Melbourne, we offer sophisticated elegance and friendly advice for every event. Contact us today!

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