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A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Preparation

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If you’re a groom preparing to get married, it’s possible that you haven’t seen your beloved for a while. In fact, the last time you saw her you were making wedding plans and then, well, she sort of disappeared into them.

If your wife to be is the one you usually go to for advice, and she’s not available, what do you do?


Enlist Your Best Man

Pick someone from your close circle of friends well before the day to be your confidant and go-to person. As much as men like to be self-sufficient, this is a day when you might need a bit of help and you should take it. You want to remain as free as possible to enjoy every moment. Outsource and delegate and things will be a lot more relaxed. By the day of your wedding, most things will have well and truly been sorted out. But there will be certain things remaining on your checklist, so make sure you have these under control.


Being Mentally Prepared

Weddings can be emotional and there is often a dizzying array of interpersonal dynamics at work, especially when families come together. These things are natural, part of most wedding days, and not something to feel alarmed by. In the end, this is about you and your wife to be and she will want as much of your attention as you can give her.

If there are things that are nagging at you that you feel might upset you, run through them in your mind and come to peace with them or talk to a close friend. This will clear your mind of them and leave you free to focus on the one who matters most.



Whether or not being immaculately groomed is your natural state of being, your wedding day at least deserves you at your personal best. Have your hair cut or styled before the day and get a professional shave if necessary. Make sure you have chosen something you feel comfortable wearing but make sure you don’t wear anything ill-fitting or anything that makes you look sloppy. Your wife to be will endeavour to look like a princess from a fairy tale so dress equally to be her prince charming. If you aren’t used to formal wear, get some help with dressing so you don’t feel stressed.

There are countless wedding styles available these days so if a traditional tuxedo isn’t your style choose something that is. You can look just as snappy in an unconventional outfit.  Making these choices early on in your wedding plans will mean you will feel good about dressing on the day.

If your wife to be and you wanted to coordinate your clothing for the day according to a theme, make sure all of this is organised well in advance to avoid stress on the day.

Don’t forget the rings. Give them to your best man if you need to.


Finishing Touches

Be prepared for your wedding toast. If you plan to say a few words, make sure you are comfortable with them and have the speech at the ready if you need it.

Make sure you have all transport organised and arrive at the ceremony well ahead of time. It is acceptable for the bride to be late but not the groom.

When it comes to planning a wedding, having a team of dedicated and experienced event planners and service providers can really help. The Willows has been hosting weddings for couples from all walks of life for many happy years. Offering timeless and elegant architecture, decadent grounds and exquisite catering and service, we are here to make your day unforgettable. If you are planning a wedding, why not let The Willows look after you? Contact us today to talk to our wedding event experts.

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